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I'm Dr.Teri Kramer

Adoptee, adoptive mom, writer.

Welcome to your adoption journey! It’s the greatest, most fulfilling transformation your family could ever go through, and I’m so happy you’re here at Navigate Adoption Consulting.

What if you could take someone on your journey with you who grew up as an adoptee, went on to become an adoptive mom, and went through rigorous training to become the best written communicator she could be?

What if that person could help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls adoption-hopeful families encounter, saving you both time and money along the way?

What if I told you that person is me? Adoptee, adoptive mom, PhD-level writer, and ready to use all my skills and experience to help you!

Know this for certain: my greatest joy beyond my own family is using my talents and knowledge to build yours.

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Adoption and Post-adoption Support

We have the nac for connecting families!

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The Start Of It All

When I adopted my daughter, I had no idea how overwhelming the adoption journey would be. What I did know is I was committed to seeing the process through until a baby was in my arms.

After completing the standard home study and profile writing procedures, my family endured the heartbreak of two disrupted adoptions before finally being matched with the baby girl who would become our daughter. Even then, we encountered struggles. We hired a brand-new agency to oversee our adoption, and we made our choice based upon advertisements stating they were about to revolutionize the adoption industry. Instead, that “agency” was a scam, which stole thousands of dollars we had wired them up front and disappeared. After that, we had to hire two separate attorney teams in our home state and our daughter’s birth state at an additional cost to our family.

Following all that we went through, I remember sitting at home one night and rocking my daughter, thinking to myself, “Any one of those things that happened to us could have completely halted the adoption process for some families.”

That thought broke my heart, and it’s why I’m here appearing on your screen today. I don’t want you to have to experience what I did, and I can help you avoid unnecessary anxiety and heartbreak so you can focus on the joy in the journey.

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Let's Connect!

We want to get to know you! How would you like to interact?

Here at Navigate, we are always working to bring you multiple avenues for connecting with us. Please start by joining our social media platforms, then explore our two unique coaching platforms for before and after placement as well as our full-service consulting options, which offer one-to-one support. 

The Full Story

Hi! My name is Dr. Teri Kramer, and I’m the founder of Navigate Adoption Consulting. An adoptee myself, I understand adoption firsthand. My positive experience as a child growing up in an adoptive home led to expanding my family by adoption as an adult.

Since adoption is integral to my life’s story, I also took many opportunities to research and write about the process while earning two terminal degrees: an MFA and a PhD in writing with a research emphasis in trauma and family systems. I feel strongly that the written word is the most powerful tool available to any member of the adoption triad as they move through the adoption journey. My ability to write creatively as well as with emotion and grammatical correctness is a key component of my consultancy.

In addition to my life experience as an adoptee and adoptive mother as well as my training in writing, I was also an educator for two decades which allowed me to develop excellent communication and reflexive thinking skills.

Throughout my personal life, my education, and my previous career experiences, everything has prepared me to best serve you. Let me state again that my greatest joy beyond my own family is using my talents and knowledge to build yours!

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Need pre or post adoption advice? 

Join our bi-weekly SUPPORT calls!

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Pre-Adoption Assistance

The adoption process can be overwhelming. Often, prospective parents feel alone in their search for a child. Join a private group of adoption-hopeful families just like yours and go live with us for weekly calls in which Dr. Kramer takes questions submitted to the group and covers the topics you need addressed now.


Post-Adoption Assistance

You've been matched! Still, in some ways, your adoption adventure is only beginning. Get added to our post-placement group to interact with other adoptive families and join monthly live calls in which Dr. Kramer celebrates with you as well as addresses topics she selects on life post-placement. 




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"When we chose to pursue adoption, my husband and I felt overwhelmed and a little isolated. Teri listened to our fears, helped us choose the path we were most comfortable with, and shared her experiences with us. She also helped connect us to other resources and adoptive families, which in times when you feel like you are on an island by yourself, is priceless. We are beyond blessed that we had Teri on our team. We are now a proud adoptive family."

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"Teri brings unparalleled skills and experience to this process. She took the hard work off our plate and provided a huge relief for us with her writing skills. Her review of all our documents provided the reassurance we needed knowing we were on the right path."

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"Your excitement is just what I need...thank you from the bottom of my heart for agreeing to meet and share your heart with me."

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We have the nac for taking the frustration out of the following scenarios:

  • ​Confused: "We have no idea how adoption works."
  • ​Worried: "No one will choose our profile."
  • ​Uncertain: "What do home study providers want to know about our family? Where do we even find a home study provider?"

I get it! I jumped numerous hurdles on my way to holding my daughter. The adoption process isn't easy, but it's worth it. And the best part is you don't have to take the journey alone! I can help you through all the difficult parts along the way. 


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Monday, January 23, 2023

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Port-To-Port Package

The way in which you begin your adoption process has a vast impact on its outcome. Let us point you in the right direction from the start! We help you select the best framework for a successful  placement. Connections matter, and we’re happy to recommend trustworthy adoption service providers or vet providers in your area so you feel confident in your selected agency or network, home study specialist, legal counsel, etc. 

  • ​INCLUDED: Lighthouse Portfolio Assembly
  • INCLUDED: Compass Club Membership
  • INCLUDED: One-on-one phone/email support

Total value: $7900

Today just: $4000

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Lighthouse Portfolio Assembly

Stand out and be noticed! Adoption hopeful families must assemble a portfolio, and the manner in which you present yourself to a birth parent can make or break the matching process. We have the elite writing and design skills you need to create a distinguished portfolio. The finished product is fully editable and yours to keep.

  • ​INCLUDED:​ PhD level writing ​
  • INCLUDEDExpert graphic design
  • INCLUDED: Transferable portfolio to use privately or with agencies

Total value: $5000

Today just: $1500

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Compass Club Membership

Feeling all at sea during your adoption journey? Join other adoption hopeful parents in the same boat. Dr. Kramer monitors this group and designs bi-weekly webinars from member inquiries. Webinar times alternate between day and evening presentations, so all group members have a chance to be live with Dr. Kramer at least once per month. 

  • ​INCLUDED: Personalized instruction
  • ​INCLUDED: Live chat interaction
  • INCLUDED: Webinar archive and replays

Total value: $500/mo.

Today just: $200/mo.

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Master Mariners Membership

Post placement and raising an adoptee? Here is where you can permanently connect with other adoptive parents and exchange ideas as well as enjoy monthly webinars by Dr. Kramer on her adoption topic of choice. Access to the library of past webinars included. Great for extended family and adoption advocates.

  • INCLUDED: Adoption-positive community
  • INCLUDEDPre-selected webinar topics
  • INCLUDED: Webinar archive and replays

Total value: $100/mo.

Today just: $15/mo.

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